Thursday, January 17, 2013

LEGALLY WED by Patty Froese

Ten years ago Lisa Young and Rich McConaughey got married with dreams for a happily-ever-after. Then problems arose and parents got involved and they ended up divorced (or so they thought). Rich left town while Lisa stayed. Now Rich has come home to inform Lisa that technically they are still married. Rich finds his feelings for Lisa haven't changed at all. But his parents sure have. His mom is trying to look younger and his dad has gone off with his secretary. Lisa's feelings for Rich are still strong but she knows his family will never accept her. She also struggles with running the family hardware store. She appreciates the confidence her father has in her, but she hates it. She harbors a dream that will probably never come true. Will Rich and Lisa sign the divorce papers and move on or will the Lord show them that He just might have something else in mind for them?

Legally Wed was a great story with an unusual twist. I found it interesting that Rich and Lisa thought they were divorced for ten years and when Rich returns home to finalize the divorce is when the story really begins. You immediately feel the chemistry between Rich and Lisa when he shows up at her hardware store. Along with Rich and Lisa, you have Rich's parents (Mildred and Mike) who are having marriage problems as well. I like the way the author shows you that even a marriage of over thirty years can have major problems. Marriage is something precious you need to care for and protect. Otherwise it can be damaged or even lost. One thing I did have a difficult time with was Mildred's emotions toward Mike's behavior. It seemed a little understated for what was going on. But I also have to remember that everyone reacts differently to things. Emotions are very tricky. One thing I really enjoyed was the way Lisa's dad dealt with Mildred. It was very cute. You have to read the story to understand. So, how does it all work out? Grab your copy of Legally Wed and find out!

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Print Length: 181 pages
Publisher: Desert Breeze Publishing, Inc. (November 20, 2012)

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