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Aleni Callan lost her faith when she lost her husband in Afghanistan. All she concentrates on now is her nursing job at the hospital, raising her son Ty and missing her husband. Brice Taylor was a soldier in Afghanistan who came home and wrote a bestselling book about his war story. He meets Aleni when he participates in the Polar Bear Plunge and suffers from hypothermia and a concussion. Aleni can't understand why someone would deliberately put their life in jeopardy like that. She is bitter and closed-hearted but the Lord has a way of using people and circumstances. Could He possibly be using her son, Ty and her sweet mother-in-law to help her see her need to love again especially when she begins to see that Brice is really not who she thought he was.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Polar Bear Plunge. The cover intrigued me as well as the story line. I LOVED the characters in this story. I found myself laughing, sighing and smiling. Ty will win your heart for sure and the dogs are so much fun. The dialog was snappy and the issues dealt with were very realistic. You could easily relate to Aleni. She judged Brice, I'm sure, much the way we would have. Brice is a total gem. He was a swoon-worthy hero!!!! Megan, Aleni's mother-in-law, is an absolute sweetheart. There is no way you can walk away from this story with hypothermia because it definitely warms you heart!!! I appreciated the reminder that God knows just what we need and when we need it and sometimes delivers it where and when we least expect it. So don't be left out in the cold, take the Polar Bear Plunge, it's guaranteed to warm you up!!!
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Publisher: Pelican Book Group (White Rose Publishing) (November 29, 2011)
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Linda Glaz said...

Sherry, so glad you enjoyed the read. I certainly loved writing it. I'd like to see these characters again in my next novella which I hope to have in place for Valentine's Day or St. Patty's. Anyway, thank you again for the kind words.

Sherry Kuhn said...

Oh Linda, how sweet of you to comment. I would LOVE to see these characters again. Now you've got me excited and looking forward to your next story!!! I'm pushing for Valentines!!!! :)

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