Sunday, October 16, 2011

ROCK AND A HARD PLACE by Bonnie Blythe

Faith Conrad is no stranger to responsibility. She practically raised her sisters, Hope and Charity, after her father left and her mother got sick. In fact she had to quit high school to maintain the jobs needed to pay the bills. She now works for a man whose more like a father than a boss and doing what she loves most, photography. While hiking alone to gain some great photos she falls and gets her foot stuck. Shane Zadopec is her rescuer. A very handsome Bureau of Land Management ranger who's hobby also happens to be photography. Shane is attracted to Faith and Faith to Shane but Shane always seems to bring out her worst. Will the two ever seem to find a common ground?

I have always enjoyed Bonnie Blythe's work and Rock and a Hard Place is no exception. I will admit though that Faith had an attitude that somewhat grated on me in the beginning but if I were in Faith's shoes and went through the things she did I'm not so sure I would be any different. We all have our issues. Despite that, you can't help but like her. Shane was a great hero. You could see what Faith saw in him and why she felt inadequate. I do wish a little more of Shane's past would have been brought out. I really liked what Shane said to Faith at one point in the story, "I eventually came to understand I didn't have to depend of my feelings. Even if I didn't feel God's nearness, I always know He is near, because He says so in the Bible. And His word is solid, like a rock." I loved that statement and noted it in my Kindle. The story was well paced and just about the time you needed something to happen, it did. You'll enjoy the tense moments as well as the tender moments while taking in the Oregon mountain scenery along the way. This is book one in the Cascade Brides Series and the ending left me wanting the next installment. I recommend you pick up Rock and a Hard Place. Great job Bonnie!

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