Monday, October 10, 2011

LONESTAR ANGEL by Colleen Coble

Eden and Clay Larson's lives were devastated when their baby Bianna was stolen. When trying to deliver the ransom money there was an accident that killed the kidnapper and Brianna. Clay and Eden blamed themselves and each other which resulted in Eden leaving and filing for divorce. Now five years later Eden is trying to move on with her life. She's found faith in God and has been dating a very sweet fella named Kent who she thinks she's going to marry. That is until Clay shows up in the restaurant where she and Kent are having dinner and announces they are still married and that Brianna is still alive. Five girls are currently at Bluebird Ranch and to find out which of the girls is theirs they must hire on as counselors specifically a married couple. As they work together to find out which girl is theirs they slowly rediscover their love for each other. But they also stir up a beehive of trouble. Will things end before they even have a chance to begin?

WOW!!! This is Colleen Coble's best yet! A story I absolutely could not put down. From beginning to end I was glued to the pages 'til my eyes crossed and I had to get some sleep. I found myself hiding out just to be able to read a few more pages. I must say the chemistry ran strong between Eden and Clay, which I love! And one thing I appreciated very much was all the interaction between them. They didn't spend the whole book fighting like in some stories. I also enjoyed seeing the couples from the other Lonestar stories play a role in this tale as well. This was most certainly a story filled with mystery, suspense and action that kept me wondering until the end who was responsible. I like trying to figure it out! I think the message that it's our choice whether or not we trust God even when we don't understand things was well played out. That's a great message because there are lots of things that happen that we don't understand but God does. This could be read as a stand alone and you wouldn't feel lost but I think reading the other stories (Lonestar Sanctuary, Lonestar Secrets, Lonestar Homecoming) make for a much richer reading experience. If you've read the others (or even if you haven't) I highly recommend you pick up Lonestar Angel and stop by the Bluebird Ranch to meet Clay and Eden for yourself! Be prepare to stay awhile! A thank you goes to Thomas Nelson for this complimentary ARC for my review through Netgalley.
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Thomas Nelson (November 8, 2011)
ISBN-10: 1595542698
ISBN-13: 978-1595542694

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