Saturday, June 11, 2011


Miranda Hanford has been raising six children on her own since her husband died. Her husband was as oppressive as the church she still attends. Then Pastor Mason Chandler announces that God told him that they should all move away to a different town. He demands that Miranda sell her home and follow. She's already considered somewhat of a black sheep but she doesn't want to sell the land that had been in her husband's family and move. She's afraid to speak up though because Mason knows something he can use against her that just might get her children taken away. In an attempt to keep them safe she names her husband's brother, Jack, as legal guardian. When Miranda has an accident that lands her in the hospital, her oldest son Timothy calls Jack to come and help. It was a phone call that would change both Jack and Miranda's lives forever.

When Sparrows Fall was a wonderful debut novel. It was full of well drawn likeable characters that felt very real to me. Especially Jack. He felt like he could walk right off the page. I loved his sense of humor and how he handled Miranda and the children was brilliant. Miranda was a great character too. You really felt her struggle between keeping things status quo and the freedom Jack's lifestyle offered. I fell in love with the kids. How they relate to Jack and how he relates to them adds so much to the story. I found myself smiling a lot. I think the message is pretty clear that this type of religious situation is not healthy. We have a freedom in Christ that shouldn't be oppressive. Watching Miranda and Jack, who have opposite views, come together for the common good of the children was well done. I would definitely recommend When Sparrows Fall. Meg Moseley is an author to watch. Thanks to WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing this complementary review copy.

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