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Charlotte Beck is stubborn and definitely her own person. Protocol means nothing to her. Her father, Daniel Beck, is wanting to see her settled into a good marriage with a fine man. He thinks he's found that man in Alex Hambly. He seems to know how to handle Charlotte. Knowing that Alex's family is in need of financial help and knowing that Charlotte wants to go Wellesley College, Daniel strikes a deal with them. He'll agree to grant both what they want if they agree to marry. Alex and Charlotte agree to Daniel's terms but they strike a bargain of their own between each other. A bargain that Alex will annul their marriage as quickly as possible. Will they follow through with their bargain or will they decide that an inconvenient marriage might not be so bad?

This was a really fun story. Right from the very beginning you become involved with the characters and they keep you entertained until the very end. Charlotte was a real hoot. Her feisty ways made you just want to keep reading to find out what she would do next. Alex was the consummate hero. I loved how he handled Charlotte but also the way he stepped up to the plate in handling his family as well. There were some moments between him and Charlotte that just made me sigh! I also enjoyed the character of Daniel Beck. He knew his daughter and knew what was best for her. I liked that he wasn't fool easily. This was the third book in a series but I didn't feel lost not having read the other two. If you enjoy a lighthearted, fun, feel good, uplifting story, then I suggest you pick up The Inconvenient Marriage of Charlotte Beck. It will keep you smiling. A thank you goes to the LibraryThing for providing this complimentary copy for my review.

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