Thursday, May 5, 2011

TEA FOR TWO by Trish Perry

Tina Milano is a counselor who loves to visit Milly's Tea Shop with it's homey atmosphere and wonderful tasty treats. She even holds a ladies group meeting there once a week. Since Tina and Milly are good friends Milly asks if she would mind helping out a friend with some advice about dealing with his children. Tina loves her job and is always willing to help so she gladly accepts not realizing that the friend Milly was talking about was the incredibility handsome produce guy that delivers produce to Milly's Tea Shop! Zack Cooper is trying hard to keep it all together since his wife left him and the kids four years ago. He thought things were going fine until both his kids start getting into trouble. Feeling out of his league he shares a little of this with Milly. Milly encourages him to call Tina. When Tina and Zack finally meet there is definitely a spark. But their relationship is strictly professional. Will they keep it professional or will that spark turn into a full fledged flame?

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. I loved the whole tea shop setting. It was such a warm and friendly place to go. Milly is such a sweet and wise woman. I loved our lead couple. No cardboard characters in this tale. They were as real as real could be. Tina was such a down-to-earth person and I loved how real she was. She was someone I could be friends with. Zack was a great guy. I loved his gentlemen ways and sweet yet tough personality. Dylan and Sherry were great kids too. I enjoyed the interaction between all of the characters. The story dealt with some complicated issues but there was also lots of humor throughout. I like that. This author does a great job at keeping your interest from beginning to end and does such a good job with her description that I could smell and almost taste the yummy treats that Milly was bringing out for Tina to try while in her tea shop. There is a spiritual thread running through the story but nothing heavy. I would call this a feel good, uplifting story, filled with lots of great characters and zippy dialog. I recommend you drop into Milly's and have Tea for Two! A thank you goes to the author and Harvest House Publishers for this complimentary copy for my review.

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