Tuesday, May 31, 2011

GLASS ANGELS by Karen Wiesner

Samantha Samuels is a sweet innocent girl who has been sheltered by her loving family. But that all changes when her father makes a terrible misjudgment. In trying to help Ryder Feldmann he pushes his daughter to spend time with him since they're so close in age. That results in Ryder raping Samantha. Because of that night she moved out of her home and moved in with her good friend and also said goodbye to the man she loves, Kyle Feldmann, the brother of the man who raped her. Now several years later she has her degree to council rape victims in a clinic she and her friend has set up. Soon she discovers she's working right next to Kyle. They quickly discover that their feelings for each other haven't changed and begin to fall in love again. But Sam is having a hard time forgiving her father for his bad judgment. Kyle is having a hard time seeing the effects of what his brother did to the woman he loves. Can they both come to terms with the past and find that forgiveness is cleansing to their souls?

Glass Angels deals with the after effects of rape and forgiveness. Those are difficult subjects to tackle. No doubt that many of the feelings and emotions surrounding our lead couple rang true. I know that forgiving your rapist and your father who put you in that position would be extremely difficult. The story is really Samantha's journey in learning how to do that. It didn't seem quite right for her to say things like, "they don't deserve to be forgiven" knowing that as a Christian you've been forgiven and called to forgive but I also know that in our humanness it can be very easy to head down that road. Kyle was a great hero. We caught a glimpse of him in Foolish Games but in this story you really get to know him. I liked the inner strength he had and the patience he showed toward Samantha. We also get to see the rest of the family as they do their best to help both Samantha and their father through a difficult time. Along with the main story there is a secondary story going on with Kyle's son Chad and his girlfriend Winnie. Glass Angels is the fourth book in the Family Heirlooms Series. A thank you goes to the author for providing this complimentary copy for review.

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