Sunday, September 5, 2010


Marianne Denton needs her inheritance to pay for the medicine her mother needs. But in order to receive that inheritance she must marry Noah Brenin. Noah has always lived with the disapproval of his father and with their shipping business in trouble his father insists on the marriage to Marianne for her inheritance. So Noah decides to walk out on their engagement party and sail the cargo to England where he will make enough money not to have to marry at all and gain the approval of his father as well. Marianne, feeling humiliated, follows Noah to the Docks and boards the ship. When Noah finds out she's aboard they are too far out to sea to return her home. Then they are confronted by a British ship where Noah, Marianne and several crew members are impressed into the British Navy. They soon meet others on the ship who were impressed as well. One is a young boy named Daniel. So full of faith and hope. He helps Marianne and continues to remind her that the Lord is with them. As the situation grows more grave will they find the strength to believe God is with them or will they accept the fate that's been dealt them???

MaryLu Tyndall treats us to another high-seas adventure in Surrender the Heart. I could not turn pages fast enough to find out the fate our hero and heroine. Marianne was such a real character to me. Her feelings of being plain and ordinary to the point of feeling unworthy of someone as handsome as Noah was totally relateable. I liked how Noah, even when he was angry at her, still tried to understand Marianne's actions. One secondary character I found quite interesting was Luke. Noah's first mate. I hope to see more of him. MaryLu's latest tale is one you won't want to miss. I highly recommend it! A thank you goes to the author and publisher for this complimentary copy for my review!

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