Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Loved Enduring Justice

Hannah Kessler has a secret from childhood that she intends to keep hidden until she sees part of that secret on America's Most Wanted. If she reports the man she knows is guilty it will open up a part of her that has remained closed for 20 years. But what will happen if she doesn't? Her instinct has always been to run. Will her love for Michael and concern for her friends and family keep her grounded? She is trying to understand faith and prayer but with all she's been through it seems God has forgotten her.
Michael Parker is working on a difficult case in Crimes Against Children Unit at the FBI. They are after a white supremacist leader who is trying to "purify" the nation with ruthless killings of women and children of other nationalities. Michael struggles with faith as he sees one of the groups members released on a technicality. He struggles with prayer when it seems like God isn't answering and when his precious Hannah ends up in the middle of trouble he struggles with the issue of justice vs. revenge. How can he be what Hannah needs when he struggles with his own past issues.
How can Michael and Hannah's love survive when both have been so hurt? Can God truly heal those inner places enough to knit these two hearts together?

Book 3 in the Defender's of Hope Series keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Although not an easy subject matter, Amy does a excellent job in handling it. You also get to catch up with all the characters from Ransomed Dreams and Healing Promises. That's one thing I love about Amy's books is the way she keeps all the characters in all the books. That makes for a very fulfilling story. It's almost like one big story except the focus of each story is on one main character. I appreciate that style because you really come to know these fictional characters almost like real people.
I highly recommend this book. You could read this as a stand alone but recommend you read Randsomed Dreams and Healing Promises to give the complete story. Great work Amy!

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