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RESCUE ME by Susan May Warren

Willow is a pretty unconventional person but she's very good with the youth group kids at church and would like the job of Youth Leader.  But because of an incident that happened, they are not considering her for the job.  However, she wants to take the kids on one last trek.  The parents agree, only if Deputy Sam Brooks goes along.  Willows been in love with Sam Brooks for a very long time but Sam has his sights set on Willow's sister, Sierra.  When the unexpected happens they all must work together if they hope to survive.  Sam begins to see Willow as something more than Sierra's crazy little sister.  Can a life and death situation as well as a forbidden kiss change the course of the future?

This was a great addition to the Montana Rescue series and you'll find a lot happening in Mercy Falls.  Though the focus is on Sam and Willow, you also have the secondary story of Pete (Sam's brother) and Jess going on as well.  I had no issue keeping up with everything that was going on but I did feel that some parts were just a little too drawn out.  That said, there were some tense moments which certainly kept me furiously flipping pages.  Ian and Sierra are also in this story as Ian continues to look for his niece and it seems like that might carry through to the next installment as well.  I really enjoyed watching the growth of each person in the story both personally and spiritually.  No matter where you came from or where you are now, God is right there with you.  That is a great encouragement!  This is the second book in the series and I would recommend reading the first book before reading this one so you understand the background.  I am really looking forward to "A Matter of Trust" as we continue the adventure!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Revell through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite moments:

"Jess," he said quietly.  "I don't know what you're not telling me.  But I do know this.  Jesus is Lord.  Full stop.  That means he knows the past, the future, and the now.  And he wants you to live in the truth, trusting him to fix it.

See, when we're stuck in our everyday troubles, we can get focused on them, and that's all we see.  We don't see God at work in our lives, just the darkness around us.  But if you turn it around, look up, start finding a way to thank God, even praise him, you'll discover a different view." "A different view can also show you the truth of your situation.  And the path out.  Just remember, God has this view all the time.  No detail of your life is unseen by him.  He is your guide and your protector through life's journey.  The great part is that he says 'don't worry'.  He'll take care of us.  All we have to do is be still and know that he's God."

He glanced again at Willow.  Maybe teenagers weren't the only ones in need of curbing their impulses.  Because his current impulse had to do with Willow, and the fact that he couldn't get his mind-or gaze-off her.

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