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Kari Danville witnessed a bank robbery and murder and is now under protective custody until she can testify in court.  She finds herself running for her life when someone breaks into the safe house where she's staying.  Marc Callahan is an FBI agent who's assigned to protect Kari.  With the safe house now compromised, he suspects someone in law enforcement might be involved.  Knowing he can't ask for help from his colleagues, he calls upon his brothers for help.  He's determined not to lose another witness.  Especially Kari, who is slowly cracking the armor around his heart.  Kari knows that Marc would never be interested in someone like her, someone pregnant with another mans child.  But life and death situations have a way helping you sift through what's really important.

What a terrific start to Laura Scott's newest series; Callahan Confidential.  The suspense starts on the first page and continues to the very last.  I loved being introduced to the Callahan family.  The way they interact with each other is awesome.  Our lead couple had issues but I like that they encourage each other.  There is some great chemistry between them.  You feel the tension building both in the story and with our lead couple which keeps you reading long past your bedtime.  This story has great balance of mystery, action, suspense and of course, romance.  There is a conclusion to this story but there is also an underlying mystery concerning their father which I imagine may carry through the series. Just a hunch.  There is a faith element but it feels very natural not just thrown in.  Though this takes place around Christmas it can be enjoyed anytime, especially if you love a fast-paced story.  Now I am really looking forward to 'The Only Witness' which will be Miles Callahan's story.  I just love those brothers!

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A few favorite quotes:

Two people working together and loving one another is the only way to make a marriage work.

"Thanks for coming," Marc said, opening the door for Miles and Mitch to enter.  "No biggie," Mitch said with a shrug.  "You'd do the same for us." He would, and was thankful for the Callahan legacy of family that their parents had instilled within them.

Marc's embrace made a mockery of the intimacy she'd shared with Vince.  Making her wish all over again that she hadn't allowed him to sway her from her beliefs.

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