Monday, October 3, 2016

Wanted: Royal Princess Shock and Awe by Anna Dynowski

Prince Maximillian is known as the playboy prince and has been perfecting that image since he was 16 years old. Always the charming, smooth talking prince with the playful personality, makes him popular with the ladies. The Graziano family feels it’s time for him to settle down but Max refuses to give up his single status, that is until Adrianna Danek enters his life. Adrianna works for the Christian Youth Network and loves her work of training youth leaders. She’s asked by the royal family to come to Mondoverde to help set up a CYN group there. She accepts the assignment, knowing she’ll be working closely with Max. She’s familiar with his reputation and refuses to succumb to his charming ways. But both are surprised by the strong attraction they feel. Max is puzzled by the fact that Adrianna is not easily charmed by him and Adrianna is stunned to find there is more to Max than meets the eye. Can a royal prince and an ordinary girl ever find common ground?

I loved this story! It whisks you away once again to the land of Mondoverde where you visit a royal family who loves the Lord and wants to rule with integrity. Who wouldn’t want to go there? It was so nice to get to know Max on a deeper level. He’s so much more than his reputation implies. I loved the dynamics of the Graziano family. They all help each other and are playful with each other but they also are very protective of each other too. I loved the romantic tension between Max and Adrianna; Ooh-la-la, lots of spark and sizzle. I love the way Max defended Adrianna to Aaron (a friend of Adrianna’s). Very gallant but also humorous. (you’ll have to read the story to see what I mean and you will love it!!!). I also appreciated the way the author painted a picture, throughout the story, of what love is and what a marriage should look like if you do it God’s way. This is the last book in the Royal Hearts of Mondoverde series and it was a great ending but I am so sad to see it end. I will certainly miss this royal family. You could read this as a stand alone and be fine but you would be missing out of some really great stories if you didn’t read the whole series. The Graziano family has definitely found a place in my heart and also on my bookshelf!

*This complementary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Some favorite quotes/moments:

“God is never late and never early. He’s always exactly right on time - His time.”

“You have your father’s eyes.” “And my mother’s nose,” Prince Maximillian said, grinning. “You, cara, have the rest of me.” Adrianna realized, in that moment, the only way to safeguard herself from caving to his charm, was to treat the prince like the boy child he portrayed himself to be. “A pity all the good parts have already been claimed,” she told him, her voice dry.

“Adrianna, he murmured, “the Lord has been guiding every incident in our lives past and present, to stitch together the apparent dissimilar threads of our lives and create a complementary harmonizing tapestry of love.”

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