Monday, October 5, 2015

BEYOND THE WAVES by Lynnette Bonner

 Taysia Green always wanted a future with Kylen Sumner but he's broken her heart one too many times.  She’s having a hard time forgetting him but knows it’s time to move on.  She's recently been dating Blaine Pittman who's not only the youth pastor but just a nice, safe and steady guy.  When Sophia Clinesmith twists her ankle at Taysia's gym and brings a lawsuit against her, imagine Taysia’s surprise when Officer Kylen Sumner shows up at her office.  Not only is he back in town, but Sophia has asked him to mediate between them.  Taysia can't afford a lawsuit so she'll cooperate with Kylen but there is no way she's letting him back into her life no matter what her traitorous heart might think.  She needs to stay strong but that’s hard to do when just the thought of seeing Ky does funny things to her insides.  Kylen loves Taysia but knows he's going to have to somehow prove to her that she can trust him with her heart.  Will she move on with Blaine or will she allow Kylen one more chance to win her heart, this time forever?

This was a sweet story about second chances.  Taysia and Kylen were interesting characters I liked getting to know.  Taysia was someone who always felt inferior and was teased.  Kylen had genuine feelings for Taysia but like most of us, when you're young you do foolish things, and in this case he went along with his friends in teasing her.  He's now a strong man of faith who knows what he wants and it’s Taysia.  I also enjoyed the secondary characters.  Blaine was a nice guy who happened to get caught in the middle.  Marie is very sweet but looking for love in all the wrong places.  The story itself was really about Kylen and Taysia working through their past mistakes to see if the Lord might have a future for them.   It’s one of those stories you can just sit back and enjoy.  For this review I listened to the audio version which I thoroughly enjoyed.  The narrator, Becky Doughty, did a great job of bringing the story to life.  The Audible version is very convenient because you can be working on your to-do list while engaging in a good story.  So if you’re someone who likes a sweet story and the ability to do two things at once, I would definitely recommend the Audible version of Beyond the Waves.  I’m looking forward to Marie’s story in ‘Caught in the Current’.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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