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Robert Turner was quite a party guy until a car accident lands him in the hospital.  Soon he meets up with a fella who steers him in the direction of AA and brings him back to the Lord where he finally begins to turn his life around.  Because of the influence of old friends, he moves away for a completely fresh star, where he finds a job as a reporter with the local paper.  While conducting an interview up at Big Fork Lake, he takes notice of a beautiful girl named Belle.  Things seem to be going pretty well.  Belle is a sweet gal who loves the Lord and finds Robert very interesting.  After a time, Robert shares with Belle about his past, or at least most of it.  When the part left unsaid comes to light, it drives a wedge between them.  Forgiveness is not easy.  Can Belle look beyond Robert's past and see Robert for the man he is today?

Redemption in Big Fork Lake is a tale about the challenge of turning your life around and dealing with the struggles and emotions of being a recovering alcoholic.  You got a good sense of what that might be like. The story also dealt with honesty in a relationship, forgiveness and reliance upon the Lord, all of which I appreciated.  I enjoyed getting to know Belle and Robert as well as all the secondary characters.  They seemed very realistic although there were a couple of places where I felt the reaction of the characters felt unnatural to me.  I do know that everyone reacts to things differently, so it may have been just me.  That being said,  I enjoyed my return visit to Big Fork Lake,  it was a very enjoyable story with likable people and a good message.

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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