Friday, January 3, 2014

BEOWULF by Ronie Kendig

Timbrel Hogan is a handler at A Breed Apart. Her partner is a bullmastiff named Beowulf who works as an explosive detection dog. Timbrel also claims Beo is the only 'boy' for her. Tony 'Candyman' Van Allen has been actively pursuing Timbrel but she just won't budge. To make masters worse, Beowulf is always growling at him. Timbrel has major trust issues when it comes to men and Tony just can't get her to understand she can trust him. While on a mission together in Afghanistan things don't go as planned. When the team comes under fire and tragedy strikes, Tony and Timbrel's lives are changed forever, and not only that, but now they must find proof that something really big is going down.

An excellent conclusion to the A Breed Apart Series. I was really looking forward to this story especially after reading Talon. The chemistry between Hogan and Timbrel really shines through in this story. They couldn't be more opposite but watching them work (or should I say argue) through lot situations was actually encouraging. You get to know Timbrel's background and can understand why she was the way she was. Tony was just a great guy; one that would be easy to trust, unless you're Timbrel! I fell in love with Beo. His personality gave me so many laughs but it was also fascinating 'watching' him work. There were so many layers to this story that you really need to read it to appreciate the complexity of it. All through the story you see God's hand at work even in the moments that break your heart. To me that's great writing! This is definitely a book that is hard to put down once you pick it up; it keeps you totally engaged and on your toes! This author consistently delivers the 'Rapid Fire Fiction' she promises in her tag line. To gain the most comprehensive reading experience, I highly recommend reading this series in order.

*This complimentary copy was provided by Barbour through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

Series: A Breed Apart (Book 3)
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Barbour Publishing Inc. (January 1, 2014)
ISBN-10: 1616266392
ISBN-13: 978-1616266394

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