Thursday, October 17, 2013

CHASING NORIE by Sophie Dawson

Norie Chase is returning home to Stones Creek after finishing school and taking care of her dying aunt. She loves her father's ranch and is anxious to once again ride her beautiful stallion across the open fields. You can imagine her surprise when she suddenly finds herself pulled from her horse. Norie pulls a knife on him only to find out it's Linc Pierce, her father's new foreman. He reprimands Norie for being on a horse that is dangerous. Norie explains to Linc that that has been her horse for a long time. As they get to know each other, Linc discovers that Norie can ride, throw knives and shoot better than most men he knows, but it's things that girls just shouldn't be doing. Norie is fed-up with the way Linc is always trying to keep her from what he thinks might be harmful. Why can't he see her for who she is? A friendly challenge between Linc and Norie just might be the answer.

Chasing Norie was an extremely fun story from start to finish. I fell in love with Norie and Linc in the first book (Leah's Peace) so was anxious to hear their tale. Chasing Norie and Leah's Peace are parallel stories which is really a neat way to do a series. It's basically the same story from a different point of view. I don't think I've read stories like that before but REALLY liked it. Linc and Norie are a hoot. Their banter and antics kept me smiling and even laughing out loud sometimes. Along with the laughter though, you'll find touching moments too. There was certainly a lot of chemistry between them, which is always a plus for me. For as spirited as Norie was, she always wanted to be pleasing to the Lord, which I appreciated. One person I really liked in this story was Norie's father, Wes. I thought the way he handled things was really neat. You have to read the story to understand what I mean. I honestly hated to see this tale come to an end but I did like the ending. If you enjoy books by Mary Connealy then I think you would definitely enjoy Chasing Norie.

Series: Stones Creek
Paperback: 278 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (May 29, 2013)
ISBN-10: 1489593659
ISBN-13: 978-1489593658

*This complimentary copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

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Dora Hiers said...

This sounds great, and I love Connealy's wonderful, witty way of words. Just might have to scoop this up. Thanks for sharing, Sherry! Wishing you a Son-kissed weekend. :)

Sherry Kuhn said...

Hey Dora,
I think you'd really enjoy this story. It's got lots of good humor in it. Especially in the first half. I actually really liked Leah's Peace too. I totally loved the whole parallel story idea.

Hope you enjoy it too. Thanks for stopping by. Wishing you a great weekend too! ;)

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