Friday, August 10, 2012

CHARITY'S GOLD RUSH by Cynthia Hickey

Charity O'Connell is left alone after her father dies. Unfortunately he gambled away all they had and left her nothing so she takes in laundry from the miners in order to survive. Along with the laundry, she receives numerous proposals of marriage. Then Charity saves a little girl from being trampled by a horse and her father, Gabriel Williams, asks Charity to be his wife. They agree that the marriage will be in name only and when spring comes they can have it annulled and go their separate ways. But will they want to? As Gabriel and Charity work together caring for the children, building a house and facing a formidable foe, by the name of Amos Jenkins, their feelings for each other begin to grow. Will they ever be honest with each other about how they feel? Can the Lord teach them that His grace is sufficient and that His strength is made perfect in weakness?

I love stories that have a 'marriage of convenience' theme to them. I enjoy watching the transformation of 'need' grow into 'want'. Charity's Gold Rush is no exception. The author keeps you entertained from beginning to end. Sometimes I got a little frustrated that Charity and Gabe couldn't admit their feelings for each other. But if we're honest, I'm guessing that a lot of us would be the same way. I enjoyed Charity's spunk and thought she really added a spark to the story. Gabe was a great guy but had a little trouble expressing himself. Amos Jenkins was an interesting 'bad guy'. The author wrote him in such a way that I found myself vacillating between 'not liking him' to 'feeling sorry' for him. I must admit, I normally don't feel sorry for the villain, so I felt that was good writing to be able to do that. While this is a story that involves searching for gold treasure, I appreciated the spiritual treasure the author sprinkled throughout the tale. The ending was enjoyable and satisfying but not everything was wrapped-up leaving room for another installment. If you'd like to strike it rich, I recommend you head for Montana and check out Charity's Gold Rush! You never know what treasure you might find!
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