Sunday, July 31, 2011

A RIVER TO CROSS by Yvonne Harris

Elizabeth Evans comes to stay with her brother in El Paso to learn the newspaper business. His writings expose the problems and dangers of living along the US and Mexican border. Elizabeth never expected to find herself in a shoot-out and then kidnapped by a corrupt Mexican general. Jake Nelson is a Texas Ranger. He and his men are the law in that area of unrest. When they get wind of Elizabeth's kidnapping they ride out to bring her back. Both are immediately drawn to each other, but Jake knows a Rangers life makes marriage and family almost impossible or does it? and Elizabeth isn't willing to risk heartache once again or is she?.

A River to Cross is an EXCELLENT story and going down as a top favorite of mine. WOW, from beginning to end I could not put the story down. I absolutely loved our lead couple. Jake and Elizabeth were outstanding characters. I fell in love with Jake. He has all the things I love to see in a hero. You really have to read the story to appreciate his character. Elizabeth was spunky, smart and full of grit. A great match for a certain Texas Ranger. I really appreciated the fact that there was a lot of interaction between the two of them. (To me that's what really makes it good.) And boy was it fun to watch. I also loved Jake's men. Seeing how they worked together was amazing. This story had it all, action, suspense and romance but it also had some very good humor. I found myself laughing in several spots. I enjoyed learning about Texas Rangers. How and why they got started along with how they were trained. It was a very interesting and turbulent time. It sounds like some of the things from today's headlines. The beautiful cover of this novel drew me in but the story inside is over-the-top-good! If you enjoy a great historical then don't miss this one. I highly recommend A River to Cross. Great job Yvonne! A thank you goes to the author and publisher for this complimentary copy for my review.

Friday, July 29, 2011

ON WINGS OF TRUST by Anna Dynowski

Izabella Golec has a past she'd like to forget. Like stalking her art professor, her unbecoming behavior toward him and the subsequent marriage to him. Roman Ricci also has a past. One where he was deeply hurt by a woman and for that reason he doesn't trust them. Not even Isabella. Especially when she walked out on him. But what happens when Roman, a now well know artist with a changed heart, shows up at Izabella's bed and breakfast? Can Roman melt her icy heart? Perhaps Cupid Cat will give him a hand!

I LOVED returning to Harmony Village and catching up with all the folks there. Once again Cupid Cat is up to his match-making tricks. Izabella and Roman are his focus this time around. Ladies, if you love romantic men then you will LOVE Roman. Wow, his way with Izabella had me fanning myself while I was reading! Izabella was a great leading lady. One who was flesh and blood real. Trust was the theme of the story. Not just learning how to trust 'someone' but mainly trusting God. Especially when we see things that cause us to doubt. This author weaves into the story the fact that we should never take our eyes off the Lord and always give Him our unconditional obedience. Great stuff! The best part is, that this great and timely message is wrapped up in an awesome story that you just can't put down. Harmony Village is so inviting it makes you want to live there. Actually while you're reading the story you feel like you do. On Wings of Trust is the fourth book in the Harmony Village Series and one I definitely recommend! Can't wait for the next installment! A thank you goes to the author for providing this complimentary copy for my review.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Lady Kendra Townsend is devastated when her father dies in an accident. Her wicked uncle Andrew is now in charge of the estate and requires that she marry the scoundrel he has chosen for her or sail to America and live with family she's never met. Knowing that God will take care of her and not wanting to marry the man her uncle chosen, America seems like her only choice. That is where she meets Captain Dorian Colburn. He's very handsome in a pirate kind of way. Captain Colburn has been burned by beautiful women before so the last thing he wants is to have to look after an English heiress. But as they journey together they find their attraction to each other growing. All is not well though for Kendra. Danger lurks ahead. Will Dorian decide this beautiful heiress is not only worth saving but risking his heart as well?

What a great adventure! This author does a wonderful job of drawing you into the story and keeping you involved until its heart-racing conclusion. I must say I am a real fan of pirate stories and when I saw the beautiful cover and the title, I knew it was a 'must read'. While this is not your typical pirate story it did have pirates in it and contained plenty of action, suspense and romance. I enjoyed the whole cast of characters. Dorian is a strong hero who is very protective of Kendra. Kendra is strong in determination. I loved watching these two interact. I also really liked Dorian's friend John. What a fun personality he had. The underlying theme of this tale was trusting and relying on the Lord. I think the author painted some great pictures of what unforgiveness and greed looks like as well as what trust and obedience looks like and the outcome of them both. If you enjoy a great historical adventure then I would definitely recommend Pirate of My Heart. A thank you goes to B&H Publishing for this complementary copy for my review.
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: B&H Books (September 1, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0805448152
ISBN-13: 978-0805448153

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A TEXAN'S PROMISE by Shelley Gray

Vanessa Grant has always loved Clayton Proffitt, foreman of her family's ranch, the Circle Z. When Clayton finds Vanessa crying in the barn one night he discovers that her stepfather, Price Venture, made unwelcome advances toward her and left marks on her back with his belt. Remembering the vow he made to her real father to watch over Vanessa, he packs a few things and takes her away that night. As they head West together their feelings for each other grow deeper and deeper. Price and her brother Miles are also heading west in search of them. The journey is long and difficult. Will their love and faith survive all the things they must face along the way?

A Texan's Promise is going down as one of my top favorites! A gritty and realistic tone gave this tale a real authenticity. From the first page until the hair-raising conclusion I was absolutely glued to the pages. I loved everything about this story including the cover. The characters were very well drawn and fully fleshed out. The dialog was totally awesome. The romantic tension between Clayton and Vanessa sizzled. The electricity between them was so strong it lit the room I was reading in. I loved it! One thing I thoroughly enjoyed was that there was lots of interaction between Vanessa and Clayton. Clayton was a swoon-worthy hero! I loved the way he was with Vanessa. Vanessa was a great heroine with lots of spunk but a tender heart. The author tackled the subjects of abuse, trust, forgiveness, war, honor, friendship, love and faith. I especially liked watching the growth of the characters. It really felt natural and not forced at all. God is always with us was the theme running through the story. A good reminder when we face difficult things. I highly recommend A Texan's Promise. It's truly inspiring. This is book one in The Heart of a Hero Series and you can bet I'll be watching for the next installment. Fantastic job Shelley!!! A thank you goes to Abingdon Press for this complimentary copy for my review.
Paperback: 352 pages
Publisher: Abingdon Press (October 2011)
ISBN-10: 1426714599
ISBN-13: 978-1426714597

Saturday, July 9, 2011

STEALING JAKE by Pam Hillman

Livy O'Brien catches a street kid stealing the pocket watch from Deputy Jake Russell. And a handsome Deputy he is too! In an attempt to protect the boy she lifts it from him and returns it to the Deputy without either one being the wiser. She's able to do that because she is Light Finger Livy. At least she was before she became a believer. Now she's attempting to start a new life but knows that if the townsfolk knew what she really was they wouldn't be so accepting . Then break-ins and robberies begin to occur and the towns people and the deputy believe it's the street kids. Livy defends them and even begins to sway Jake's opinion. But a past has a way of catching up with a person. Can the little spark between Jake & Livy grow into a flame or will it fizzle out when Jake finds out about Livy's past?

This was a great story. I love the cover and when I saw it, it made me want to find out what was inside. I'm glad I did! The author has an easy writing style that just draws you in and holds you there. The characters were very believable and easy to relate to. Livy struggled with forgetting her past and the mistakes she'd made. I think we all can relate to that. Jake was a great lead. Strong but he had some insecurities. Don't we all. I enjoyed watching Jake and Livy interact and struggle with their growing feelings for each other as well as their faith. I liked all the secondary characters as well. I think the author did a wonderful job of weaving into the story the message of forgiveness, new beginnings and second chances. The street kids will absolutely win you over as your heart goes out to them. The story kept a steady pace but ramps up toward the end to a point that I found myself rushing though the pages. If you like historicals then you won't want to miss Stealing Jake. I look forward to more from Pam Hillman. A thank you goes to Vicky Lynch at Tyndale for providing this complimentary copy for my review.

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