Sunday, February 20, 2011

WHERE THE WIND BLOWS by Caroline Fyffe

I'm always on the hunt for good books. I ran across Where the Wind Blows and saw all the great reviews. In several of the reviews it mentioned that this was a clean and sweet read so I decided to try it. I must say it was great story! Chase Logan is heading for a new job and on his way he must deliver the news to Jessie Strong that her husband, Nathan, is dead. He sure didn't expect to find such a young wife though. She allows him to stay in the barn and explains that she is expecting a very special delivery. The morning he's to leave, the delivery shows up. Three-year-old Sarah whom they were to adopt. The one escorting Sarah assumes Chase is Nathan. Jessie knew it was only pretend and only for a little while but Sarah was already calling him da. She was fooling herself to think she could have such a life with such a good man. Besides they weren't even married. But the longer they were around each other the harder it was to think of not begin together.

This was such a great romantic western. I thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I loved the watching Chase & Jessie together. Chase was an excellent hero. I appreciated the way he respected Jessie and took great care with her. Jessie was a feisty gal but not unreasonable or selfish. The romantic tension between Chase & Jessie was tangible. I enjoyed the secondary characters as well. Sarah was a cute little girl. It's no wonder she melted Chase's heart. Gabe was a teen who would probably be a lot like Chase when he grew up. The characters fit so naturally into the story. There were some very tender moments that melted my heart, some moments that made me smile, and a few places where I was biting my nails. The author allows you to hear the main characters' thoughts and I think it enhances the story, at least for me, when you know why they are behaving a certain way. I must say that other than a few 'words' this could make it into the edgy Christian Fiction category.

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