Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Cora Andrews loved Adam Peyton until she found out that he worked for her stepfather. Because of a business deal Cora's stepfather believes that she might be in danger. When Cora decides to take a cruise for vacation Adam Peyton is sent to be her bodyguard. Will Adam be able to get past the wall that Cora's built up against him and see the love he has for her?

This was a great little story. It's very short so not a whole lot of time or pages to develop characters but what was there was wonderful. I really wish this was longer because I really liked Adam Peyton. Wendy Davy never disappoints. Even with the little stories.

My sweet husband gifted me with a Kindle this year for Christmas. I am a diehard book fan but as I look around at my shelves and shelves of books (taking over the house as my family says) I starting thinking that a Kindle might be a pretty good thing. I mean you can take a library with you on vacation! I have found it very easy to use and all the books I have collected from the Kindle for PC now appear on my Kindle. But, I wanted to buy something and read it on my Kindle...so I chose New Beginnings by Wendy Davy. It was a great title because this was a new beginning for me. I must say I really like it. I'm not sure that it would ever replace holding a book in my hand and smelling the fresh ink wafting up from the crisp pages but I really like having the opportunity to choose how I want to read a story. So if you too have been gifted with a Kindle you may want to begin with New Beginnings.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

KISS IN THE DARK by Marcia Lynn McClure

Boston has a great group of friends, especially Danielle who is her best friend. Boston shares with her friends that a guy she has liked for a long time has finally asked her out. She is extremely happy about it until she meets Danielle's brother, Vance. Instant attraction. Vance seems to be everything that Boston is looking for but something seems to be holding him back. Danielle and Vance share a secret. Will Vance trust Boston enough to share his secret? and how will a kiss in the dark change everything?

Another very fun read by this author. I love how she interjects humor and emotion to her stories no matter the storyline. It feels good sometimes to read a story that's not loaded with endless conflict or some major emotional mess. This story didn't have all that, but instead was just a great quick and easy read.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

KISSING COUSINS by Marcia Lynn McClure

Poppy Amore has been in love with Swaggart Moretti for longer than she can remember. He is part-time manager and cook at Good Ol' Days where Poppy is a waitress. Thinking she doesn't stand a chance that Swaggart would ever give her a second look romantically, she accepts a date with a really nice and handsome man who she thinks might make her forget about Swaggart. Swaggart has always had a thing for Poppy but felt he would never be good enough for her. So what happens when Swaggart runs across Poppy's "Dream To-Do" list and finds kissing him is number one on the list?

What a totally fun and romantic read. No major conflicts or danger but just a warm and cozy read. I fell in love with Swaggart. What a great guy. I thoroughly enjoyed the interaction between him and Poppy! I also really liked how the author mentioned all the old songs throughout the story. Marcia's books are always clean but loaded with romantic tension, which I love! Kissing Cousins comes highly recommended!

Sunday, December 19, 2010


Genieva Bankmans has agreed to marry Brevan McLean through a letter. When they finally meet neither is what the other expected. Feeling an immediate attraction to one another, Brevan is not sure what to do. They do marry and though it is a marriage in name only, feelings and attractions begin to seep into their hearts. But danger lurks around the corner. There are a few things that Genieva's new husband has neglected to tell her about and she soon finds herself smack-dab in the middle of some old family trouble.

Another wonderful, very romantic story by Marcia Lynn McClure. I found it very hard to put down once I started reading it. I enjoyed all the characters in this story. Brevan was a wonderful hero and Genieva was a wonderful match for him. One thing I have really come to appreciate about Marcia books (at least the ones I've read) is her dialog. It keeps me as a reader so involved in the story and she just has a way of stirring your emotions. Once again I would say if you like a good old fashioned historical that's clean with lots of romantic tension pick up The Heavenly Surrender. I haven't been disappointed yet.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

THE PIRATE RUSE by Marcia Lynn McClure

If you like a good clean pirate story with LOTS of SIZZLE then you have got to read The Pirate Ruse by Marcia Lynn McClure. This definitely made my top favorites list! Our tale begins when Cristabel Albay finds herself abducted in the night and put aboard an English ship. That ship is attacked by The Screaming Witch, the pirate ship of the famous vicious pirate, Bully Booth. While his crew plunders the English ship, Bully Booth finds a treasure of his own...Cristabel Albay. As he's carrying her off to his ship, The Screaming Witch is attacked by The Merry Wench, the ship of the famous merciful pirate, Captain Navarrone the Blue Blade. He quickly rescues Cristabel by grabbing her and jumping into the sea. He tells her if she wishes to see another day she must swim to The Merry Wench. But is it truly a rescue if your rescuer is also a pirate?

I LOVED everything about this story. The characters were very well drawn. The dialog was superb! The story was engaging from beginning to end and impossible to put down! There was such a wonderful mix of emotions. I found myself laughing, worrying, nail biting and sighing. I truly felt like I was right there in the story. Captain Navarrone is an excellent hero and a wonderful match for the stubborn Cristabel Albay. I highly recommend The Pirate Ruse. You are in for a real treat. Great job Marcia!!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

TO ECHO THE PAST by Marcia Lynn McClure

To Echo the Past returns us once again to the McCall family. This story's lead character is Michael McCall (the son of Jackson McCall whom we met in Desert Fire). Brynn Clarkston is from the city and doesn't particularly like the country life that her parents have moved their family to. She thinks the people are so unrefined. But that all changes when she meets up with Michael McCall in the general store.

I thoroughly enjoy To Echo the Past. It was fun seeing all the original characters and especially Jackson and Malaina again. Michael is a such a great character. So much like his father. There were so many parts that made me laugh out loud just like in Desert Fire but there was also some very touching moments as well. It's a short read but if you've read Desert Fire you won't want to miss it. You could read To Echo the Past as a stand alone but I would highly recommend you read Desert Fire first. Fun story.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

DESERT FIRE by Marcia Lynn McClure

Jackson McCall comes upon a young woman who's out cold and appears to be running away from something. He brings her home to the family ranch where he lives with his mother and two brothers. When she finally comes to, she finds she doesn't have any memory of who she is or why she was running. The family is good to her and she becomes very fond of them but doesn't quite know what to make of Jackson. He is very protective but also seems somewhat distant with her. As she starts to gain her memory a little at a time, she realizes that she might possibly put this family and the man she's come to love, in grave danger.

I thoroughly enjoy Desert Fire. I received it in the mail from a friend and opened it up to see how the story starts and ended up reading the whole thing. What a page turner! Loved the dialog and the characters were great fun! This story made me laugh when I was reading some of the interaction between the brothers and it made me sigh at some of the moments between Malaina and Jackson. The more I read Marcia Lynn McClure's books the more I like them. This is a short read that feels like a full story. I would definitely recommend Desert Fire if you like a good, clean, old fashioned, historical romp complete with mystery, action, suspense and romance!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THE ROGUE KNIGHT by Marcia Lynn McClure

The Rogue Knight is a quick and thoroughly enjoyable tale. Fontaine was left in the care of her wicked aunt when her parents were killed. She fears her aunt will force her to marry someone older with money. That way her aunt will benefit. Just as Fontaine was feeling hopeless about her situation, her rescue comes in an unlikely package. One that is tall, dark, handsome and in need of her help. Knight shows up at her door after having been robbed and beaten. He soon realizes that Fontaine helped him even though it was a danger to her because of her aunt. Immediately Knight forms a plan to help her. Will his plan be a successful? And what will happen when she finds out the truth about him?

This was a very romantic tale. It kept me turning pages from beginning to end. I really fell in love with Knight and his roguish ways. Fontaine was a very sweet and caring heroine. I also enjoyed all the secondary characters as well. Except for the wicked aunt and you weren't suppose to like her anyway!! This is my second book by this author and it definitely won't be my last. I really like her easy writing style. This story was clean with a little edge (which I love). I would certainly recommend this wonderful little tale.

Monday, December 6, 2010

DUSTY BRITCHES by Marcia Lynn McClure

This is the first book I've read by this author and I really enjoyed it! The story takes us into the life of Angelina (Dusty) Hunter who years ago when only 14 found herself in love with her father's best ranch hand, Ryder Maddox. Ryder was 20 at the time and was drawn to her to the point he left with the idea of returning when she grew up. Five years has now passed and she's watching for her father to bring home some cattle he purchased. But that's not all her father brought home. Her father ran into Ryder and hired him to work at the ranch again. Ryder is determined to win the heart of the girl who stole his years ago. But Dusty's heart has hardened over the last five years. And though she is still very much in love with Ryder she is determined to never let her heart be broken again.

This was an easy paced story. I found that I really liked the characters. They were all interesting and fun. There were several stories going on in addition to Ryder & Dusty. I liked Dusty but there were a few times I wanted to shake her and say "wake up girl"! Ryder was an "ahhhh" kind of hero. Simple but complicated. There was a little mystery, a little suspense and just an all around good story. Her stories are clean and her characters are moral. (at least in this story). If you're looking for a good old-fashioned historical romance, then pick up a copy of Dusty Britches!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Okay, I've got to tell you that if you don't read this book you will miss a totally awesome story. Fast paced, snappy dialog and an amazing cast of characters.
Kerry Reiley is a second grade teacher who loves what she does. She is a simple girl who loves people (including her family) and people love her too. But...when you have brothers that work for the FBI (Jordon) and CIA (Rick)you may have to watch your back. Revenge is what Chris Deveraux wants. That and his father's release from prison. When her brothers find that she's been taken by him...Rick calls in a friend he knows can get her out. Luke Reeding is good at what he does and owes Rick a favor for saving his life. He thinks he's rescuing a damsel in distress. What he doesn't count on is finding a beautiful, capable, strong willed, very witty girl. As they are thrown together in hiding waiting for Rick and Jordon to capture Chris Deveraux they develop a very strong attraction between them. She knows she can't let her heart fall for this man who doesn't share her faith. It's pretty hard though when he's everything you've desired. Luke has never met a woman like Kerry nor felt the 'forever' type feelings he's dealing with lately. Both know they have no future together or is it true that all things are possible with God?

From the first page until the last I was totally engrossed in this story! We met and fell in love with the Reiley family in the author's first book Shadows from the Past. (Jordon & Aurora's story). Shadows of Suspicion is Kerry Reiley's story. I LOVE that the author continues to involve the whole family. I love how she blends suspense, humor, emotion and a solid biblical message concerning salvation and being unequally yoked, into the story. The Reiley family dynamics is something to behold. The brothers are very protective alpha males who love to play hard and love hard. Over the top good! The women are strong and stubborn but also protective of their family. I really would highly recommend this story. You won't be disappointed. I am REALLY looking forward to the next installment. The author left the door open wide for future books, I'm just wondering who will be next? Great Job Ashley Dawn!!

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