Sunday, May 30, 2010

IN HARM'S WAY by Irene Hannon

Rachel Sutton is a music teacher who leads a very quiet life. Not really by choice, she has no family. Growing up in foster care has made her appreciate her cozy and permanent home though. Her quiet life is turned upside down one morning when she finds a Raggedy Ann doll under a snow drift. Picking it up will change her entire life.

Nick Bradley is a Special Agent with the FBI. In his years of work he has seen many unusual things. But when Rachel Sutton arrives at his office claiming she has a "reaction" when she picks up the doll he's thinking she's just another nut. As he talks with her though he realizes she is very perceptive, intelligent and attractive. So what could her reaction mean?

This is the third and final installment in the Heroes of Quantico Series. I really liked all the stories but I have to say this one was my favorite. I think it was because there was lots of interplay between Nick, Mark, Emily, Coop and Monica. Those were thoroughly enjoyable moments for me in the story. I also really liked the characters of Nick and Rachel. I enjoyed watching how open and honest Nick was about his faith and how honest Rachel was in saying she had none. The author did a great job in pointing out how one person can make a huge difference in someones life and not even realize it. This was a very engaging story from the beginning right up to it's outstanding conclusion and loaded with lots of twist and turns. I only regret that we must leave these "very real" characters with the close of this book. I felt very endeared to these Heroes of Quantico. Great job Irene!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

TEXAS PURSUIT by Debra White Smith

Tanya O'Brien has always wanted a family but the right man just hasn't come alone. She decides to head half-way around the world to adopt a boy named Coty. On her return flight a man named Maurice gets seated next to her. He converses with her and tells her she reminds him of his old girlfriend. She finds herself stalked by this crazy but police can't really do anything to someone who is just "watching". She finally moves to a different place and thinks she is finally rid of him. But is she?

Sonny Mansfield has a past he regrets and because of that has pretty much hit bottom. He's a good private investigator though and in need of rent money. When Maurice hires him with a bogus story to find his "ex-wife" who stole their adopted boy, Sonny jumps at the chance to make some money. But...Sonny soon realizes that he may have made a mistake. He formulates a plan of how he will protect Tanya and her son. But can he protect them? And will he be able to protect his heart?

This was an Excellent read!! I read the book in one sitting because the pages kept begging to be turned! I totally fell in love with Sonny. He was SO real because he was so flawed. I loved the interaction between all three Mansfield brothers. How they banded together and supported one another just made you want to be in that family. Tanya was a great match for Sonny. She made him see his spiritual need in a non-threatening way. The author did a great job dealing with lots of issues like divorce, infidelity, forgiveness and honesty just to name a few. There is an underlying story of Sonny's older brother Ryan and his ex-wife Shelley. The third book will be their story. You also catch up with Charli and Jack from Texas Heat as Jack helps out Sonny. I highly recommend Texas Pursuit! This story can be read as a stand alone and you won't feel lost but as with most series it's a much richer experience if you read book one first. A thank you goes to the author and publisher for sending me this book to review.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

CALCULATED REVENGE by Jill Elizabeth Nelson

Laney Thompson has lived with the guilt of the abduction and killing of her sister, Gracie, 18 years ago. She is now a teacher and has a daughter she raises on her own since her husband left and divorced her. Her world is flipped upside-down when Gracie's backpack shows up on the playground of her school. As Gracie's items continue to turn up she realizes the killer has returned. But who could it be?

Noah has a past that Laney is unaware of. He has feelings for this gentle, single mother and her daughter but will it be enough for him to use his skills he had put to rest several years ago because of his own guilt. When Laney finds out his previous occupation she offers to pay him for his services. Will they find who the real perp was? and will Laney and Noah find the future they're looking for?

This was a great mystery filled with lots of twists and turn and several red herrings. I love it when you figure out the case alone with the lead characters. Though it was a short story it did not feel rushed as all. The characters were well developed and the interaction between all of them felt very natural. I really fell in love with Brianna (Laney's daughter). What a sweet little girl, filled with faith. A great example to the adults in the story. This was a difficult story to put down. I wanted to keep turning pages to find out how it all came out. Laney dealt with guilt but was a very strong woman and had a fierce love for her daughter. Noah was a great hero and I loved the way he was with Brianna. If you are looking for a quick but satisfying read with a good message of faith and forgiveness I would totally recommend Calculated Revenge. A thank you goes to the author for sending me this copy for review.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Andie Ryborg is trying to live a normal life. It's hard when your father is running for governor and has a zero tolerance for the drug cartel. When her peaceful existence is threatened she runs. When she does she meets up with an older woman, Thea, who gives her shelter and some loving advice. Evan Markham has been watching Andie from afar for awhile now. He's trying to protect her and therefore can never really know her. But when their paths cross what will the outcome be? Will Andie's faith be enough to get her through a really tough situation? This story was one that was filled with many twists and turns. Some were unexpected which I like in a story. I wish there would have been more interaction between Andie and Evan but what there was did feel natural to the story. I felt like the author did a good job in developing her characters. They seemed real and genuine. I don't want to give anything away but as a reader I wished the end would have been a little bit more complete. Overall is was a good story with a good faith message. My review copy was complements of LibrayThing Early Reviewers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

DISASTER STATUS by Candace Calvert

Erin Quinn loves her job as an ER charge nurse, except today. She's called into work on her day off when the ER becomes overwhelmed with victims from a hazardous material spill. In the rush to get to work she forgets her ID. That's when she meets up with Fire captain Scott McKenna. He is a hard-nosed, by-the-book, kinda guy and their personalities immediately clash. Scott is not happy about working with Erin at first but as he slowly gets to know her he begins to see her in a different light. Past experience tells Erin that you can't really rely on men but as she sees Scott interact with his nephew, Cody, she begins to think maybe he's one of the good guys. Will they both live up to each others expectations? Will their faith be strong enough to get them through some tough situations?

This is the first book I've read by this author and I have to say that she drew me into the story and totally brought the pages to life. The story was spellbinding as the details unfold and you became acquainted with each character. They seemed so real to me. Erin had a strong faith and loyalty to family but was dealing with issues from childhood. Scott was a great hero. Rugged, tough as nails but always felt like he was living in the shadow of his hero dad. I loved the dialog and interaction between these two. I also liked the sub-story going on between Leigh and Nick which will be played out in the author's next book called Code Triage.

Disaster Status was a terrific blend of drama, romance, mystery and even some humor. Even though its the second book in the Mercy Hospital Series I didn't feel at all lost. I would definitely recommend this book and am really looking forward to Code Triage. Thank you Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

SNOW ANGELS by Wendy Davy

Isabelle Rollins wants her father's approval. She sets out to become a ski patroller just like her dad was before her mom's death. In the effort of preparing she decides to practice her skiing alone at night. She becomes lost as a blizzard closes in on her. After much struggling she finally reaches a chalet. Mitch Donovan answers the door. He takes her in and cares for her and they are instantly attracted. She is also drawn to his daughter who suffers with recurring nightmares about her moms accidental death. What will happen when Izzy finds out that Mitch is the new head of Snowcap Resort Ski Patrollers? How will Mitch stay objective about Izzy's skills when his heart is involved?

Wendy Davy always delivers a great story and Snow Angels is no exception. Isabelle and Mitch are very real characters. They both have issues they are dealing with but each causes the other to really examine their motives behind doing what they are doing. The dialog was snappy and my interest was held throughout the story. I pretty much knew how it would turn out but thoroughly enjoyed the journey. I really liked the secondary characters as well. I would love to see Mac have his own story and Emma as well. Snow Angels is a story I would definitely recommend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

THE SWORD by Bryan M. Litfin

Captain Teofil is hunting in the Beyond when a bear comes upon him. He is rescued by Anastasia. She is a farmers daughter from Chiveis. Teo is stunned by this courageous woman who is not only resourceful but knows how to use a bow and arrow and can dress game in the field. Yet she is the most lovely of women. They are thrown together when a wicked king wants Anastasia as a wife. Teo rescues her and they travel around in the Beyond. It's there they make a discovery in the church of the Ancients that will change life as they know it forever.

This was a fascinating story. It really kept me turning pages because you really never knew what was going to happen. The premise for the story was an interesting one as well. When the author refers to the "Ancients" that means us. It was interesting to see how we might be viewed by a culture after ours. The story had a medieval feel to it. Lots of adventure, romance and hair-raising moments as well as some humor. I felt like I really got to know the characters in this story. Especially those of Teo and Ana. Teo was a great hero. Strong, of good character, but also human. Ana was one I looked up to. She had a wonderful spirit about her and an inner strength that you couldn't help but admire. The end of the story definitely leaves you wanting for the next installment! I recommend you pick up The Sword! My review copy was courtesy of LibraryThing Early Reviews

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