Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hearts Crossing

Collin Edwards has a truck load of guilt and pain. Enough to turn his back on God. Then his mother asks him to make a delivery of bricks and mulch to Woodland Church for a renovation project. The church he used to attend once upon a time. That's where Collin runs into Daveny Montgomery. She's the coordinator of the renovation. Collin is immediately drawn to her sweet and bubbly personality. Daveny is drawn to the somewhat withdrawn Collin. As much as Collin has denied his faith Daveny is fully vested. How will it all come out?

I thoroughly enjoyed Collin and Daveny's journey. Daveny was such a sweet and likable person that you can see why Collin was so taken with her. I really liked Collin's big family and wished that the story was longer to explore their antics. Collin was a very romantic guy. I found myself sighing several places in the story. I would recommend this story to anyone who likes a sweet romance with a message of faith.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Deliver Us From Evil

Brannon Callahan takes her job as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Smokey Mountains National Park seriously. When she hears on the news that a helicopter transporting a live heart is heading their direction straight into a blizzard, her and her partner Lincoln, spring into action. When the helicopter does go down Brannon & Lincoln help the survivors into her aircraft. Just as they are about the leave the ground shots ring out. Who is shooting at them and why? With the helicopter disabled they set out for a safer place to be rescued themselves. Will they be able to make it in time?

U.S. Marshal Roark Holland is trying for a successful conclusion to this assignment. His last assignment left him with a gaping whole in his soul. No one would get in his way especially the arrogant feisty woman pilot. He knew what women were like and the fact was he couldn't trust them or could he? As he gets to know Brannon will she change his opinion?

This was an excellent read! The story kept me engaged from start to finish and was a balanced blend of action, suspense and romance. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. Brannon Callahan was a strong woman but was also insecure. Lincoln was her partner, best friend, and her rock. He got Brannon through a very difficult time in her life. I absolutely loved the scripture game they played together. Roark was a good solid man whose heart was hurting. The slow build of Roark and Brannon's relationship was natural and fun to watch. The subject of child trafficking was handled very well. It's not an easy subject to write about or read about actually. I highly recommend this story and look forward to Lincoln's story in Fear No Evil.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Journey to Redemption

Morgan Reynolds is a Sargent with the Arcadia Police Department. She was happily married to a fellow officer until someone took his life. The crime scene looked very much like it was the work of a killer known as the Slasher (Gerald Tate). With no hard evidence to convict Tate, her partner John Russo plants Tate's finger print at the scene which sends him to prison. Gerald Tate vows revenge on Sargent Reynolds. When bodies start turning up with the same M.O. she fears the Slasher may have returned. She finds out later that he has escaped and he has kidnapped her son. Swearing his innocence in her husbands murder, he demands she find out who Kevin's real killer was or she won't see her son alive.

Lieutenant Chase McAdams has just transferred to Arcadia Police Department and has been assigned to ride along with Reynolds and Russo and get acquainted with the area. Chase and Morgan have an immediate connection but neither are really looking for someone. When Morgan's son is taken Chase becomes a rock for her to lean on. Together they try to figure out who really killed Kevin and why. What they find out is that this is a whole lot bigger than what they bargained for!

WOW! I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It grabs you from the first page and does not let you go until the last. I truly did not know who all the bad guys were until the end. I really like that in a story. Chase was a really great hero. His quiet and solid faith was such an inspiration to Morgan who was struggling with why all these things had happened. Morgan was a strong heroine who appreciated Chase's strength. The dialog in this book made me feel as if I was watching a movie with each scene playing out in my mind. This was my first Anne Patrick book but I have already ordered her others. I highly recommend Journey to Redemption to those who love a really great edge-of-your-seat romantic suspense story.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Prodigal Father

Beth Lund has been on her own since her husband Scott walked out 3 years ago after her miscarriage. The day he walked out was the day she was going to tell him that she was expecting another baby. Scott's father gave her a job and his mother helped with Risa who has Down syndrome. Then one day while at work Scott shows up and asks for her a second chance. Beth, feeling like her daughter should have a father, decides to do just that. He's very good with Risa and she loves having a daddy. Does Scott only want her back because of Risa or does he truly love her? Scott owns a resort and would like to have Beth and Risa come to live with him. Will Beth give up all she has work for to go with Scott or will fear of him leaving keep her where she is?

This was good story of how forgiveness can work if you truly leave the past behind. The main characters had to work through several difficult issues. There were times in the story that Beth or Scott seemed to dwell on their insecurities and it made me want to say "come-on guys get past it." But I know that that is sometimes human nature and we do do that. The story helped me learn something of Down Syndrome which I didn't have a lot of knowledge about. One aspect of the story I was a little disappointed in, was that the author didn't spell out the fact that a physical relationship between a man and a woman should be reserved for marriage. When Scott was talking to a teen he only mentioned that a physical relationship should only happen when two people are serious about each other. The author did say however, that there could be consequences that they would have to live with. Overall it was a good story. One that kept me wanting to find out how it would actually come out in the end. I am looking forward to reading other works by this author.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Journey of Faith: Familiar Strangers

Rebecca O'Brian's uncle has just passed away. His will leave her the house and surrounding lands but only if she fulfills one condition. She is to marry George Pickett. She's not sure what she's going to do but knows that she cannot marry such an ungodly man as George. While having lunch with a friend and their visitor Matt, she finds his brother is in need of a wife on a ranch in Colorado. Feeling like God is leading her and seeing this as her way of escape she decides to make the trip. Joshua Holt is fine being bachelor...until he sets his eyes on Rebecca. Will they make it to the alter? And what will George Pickett do when he finds out she's married another?

I enjoyed this easy-to-read story. I think Journey of Faith is a good title for it. That's really what it was. Rebecca and Josh both had to learn to trust God with the circumstances they found themselves in. There were lots of spiritual nuggets to this story that were inspiring to me. I did feel however that the story moved a little too quickly and in some instances seemed a little unrealistic. Overall it was an enjoyable story and I think it's worth reading.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Texas Roads

Dani Davis loves being a teacher in Dallas but the rest of her life has fallen apart. Losing her father, her husband and a fight with her mother puts her on the road to Miller Creek to visit her Aunt Beth and maybe find a place she can call home. Steve Miller hates the city and can tell right away that’s where Dani’s from. Sparks fly between these two before they even make it to town! As she settles in for her visit she begins to envy the sense of belonging that the people of Miller Creek have. They all seem to accept and like her and she is beginning to think she has finally found the home see seeks. Aunt Beth keeps telling her that our only real home is with Jesus. As talk of renovating the town begins she decides she could help by secretly putting her inheritance to good use. But when bad things start happening and rumors begin to make there way around town that Dani is somehow involved she feels like the home she’s just found is slowly fading away.

I LOVED this story! Cathy’s writing is vibrant and fresh. It’s loaded with very likeable characters and zippy dialog. I enjoyed getting to know Dani. What an honest woman she was. Steve was a great hero who would do whatever he could to protect those he loves. Aunt Beth is a gem. What a wise woman of God. The secondary characters were very well drawn and I felt like I wanted to move to Miller Creek myself. This was Cathy Bryant’s first novel but her writing is that of a seasoned author. She kept me turning pages from start to finish. You could tell this author was writing from the heart. I love the spiritual message of this story. We can all relate to finding a place to call home. I’m looking forward with great anticipation to future works by Cathy Bryant. I highly recommend this book.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Silent Governess

Olivia Keene walks into her dimly lit home to find her mother being choked. She quickly grabs a fire iron and strikes the man hard on the back of the head. Her mother gives Olivia a purse with only a few items in it and gives her instructions of where to go and tells her not to return home. When she finally looks inside the purse, there is a clipping that mentions Brightwell Court. As she is traveling to the place her mother instructed her to, she passes by Brightwell Court and decides to take a closer look. While she is secretively looking around she overhears a conversation she should not have heard. To ensure her silence and keep and eye on her Lord Bradley insists she stay on at Brightwell Court to help with his niece and nephew. The problem is he is beginning to have feelings for Olivia.

The back of the book described this story as moving, mysterious and romantic and I think that is an outstanding description. I was moved by the way this author took you though the emotions of Olivia being sent from her home into a new situation where she is not sure what will become of her life. Of the way one conversation can change a whole mans life and future. It was a mystery of whether or not it was her father she struck. And who was sending those blasted letters? How will all come out in the end? The author slowly leaks out little pieces of information as you continue through the story so at the end the puzzle all fits together very deliciously! I must say that this story was very romantic. I absolutely loved the scene where Olivia and Edward were dancing. The faith aspect of the story was done very well. I highly recommend the Silent Governess. You won't be disappointed. Thank you Bethany House for providing me with a complimentary review copy.

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