Monday, February 22, 2010

Deliver Us From Evil

Brannon Callahan takes her job as a search and rescue helicopter pilot for the Smokey Mountains National Park seriously. When she hears on the news that a helicopter transporting a live heart is heading their direction straight into a blizzard, her and her partner Lincoln, spring into action. When the helicopter does go down Brannon & Lincoln help the survivors into her aircraft. Just as they are about the leave the ground shots ring out. Who is shooting at them and why? With the helicopter disabled they set out for a safer place to be rescued themselves. Will they be able to make it in time?

U.S. Marshal Roark Holland is trying for a successful conclusion to this assignment. His last assignment left him with a gaping whole in his soul. No one would get in his way especially the arrogant feisty woman pilot. He knew what women were like and the fact was he couldn't trust them or could he? As he gets to know Brannon will she change his opinion?

This was an excellent read! The story kept me engaged from start to finish and was a balanced blend of action, suspense and romance. I really enjoyed getting to know the characters in this story. Brannon Callahan was a strong woman but was also insecure. Lincoln was her partner, best friend, and her rock. He got Brannon through a very difficult time in her life. I absolutely loved the scripture game they played together. Roark was a good solid man whose heart was hurting. The slow build of Roark and Brannon's relationship was natural and fun to watch. The subject of child trafficking was handled very well. It's not an easy subject to write about or read about actually. I highly recommend this story and look forward to Lincoln's story in Fear No Evil.


MarthaE said...

You are reading some really nice books Sherry! I like the sound of this one too. And Hearts Crossing looks like another good one!
BTW - did I mention that I lover your banner!!

Sherry Kuhn said...

Thank you so much Martha!

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