Saturday, October 30, 2010

MAGGIE'S TRUST by Donna Boden

Maggie Davis grew up with a lot of hurt especially from her stepfather. Because of that she decides she'll never marry but instead become a teacher and pour all her love into her students. Jake McCormick will never again trust a woman. Though his first wife is dead she left a lot of scars on Jake's heart. He allows his parents to raise his son, Eli, while he leads wagon trains west. But on one trip home his draw to Maggie becomes very strong. He sees how she relates with his family and especially his son. He sees the sweetness inside her. He wants that but is also afraid that she will turn out to be like his first wife. What happens when promises are made but then broken? Will they allow God to show them the kind of love he desires for them?

Donna Boden is a new author to me and I found "Maggie's Trust" a hard book to put down. From the very beginning you are drawn into the story and it really doesn't let you rest until you're finished. I really liked Maggie. She was so kind and tender. She's a very relate-able character. Jake was a complicated man. He made a bad decision to protect his heart. That's something I'm sure we've all done. I appreciated how the author wove the thread of God's care throughout the story. How he guides our steps and places us where we need to be. You hear lots of good advice from Jake's Aunt Anna, whom Maggie is living with. The way she guides them spiritually in such an unobtrusive way is sweet to watch. I felt the characters were well drawn and I love the whole McCormick family dynamics. I was happy to see by the end of the book that there will be another story called Beth's Dilemma. Beth is Maggie's 1/2 sister. If you like a good prairie story loaded with character conflicts then this is the book for you. I recommend it.

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