Monday, June 29, 2009

What a GREAT story...

Leah Jones and Trip Cartwright grew up together but came from different sides of the fence. (literally). They have always been best friends but Leah somehow knew that a preacher's daughter wouldn't be the kind of woman Trip would be interested in. Then Leah returns home to care for her father. When her father dies and she is given custody of a little 3 year-old-girl (who is her niece) Leah finds herself in a financial mess. Trip steps in and offers Leah something she has always dreamed about - marriage. Although he is going through some difficulties himself because of his family's company closing, he has plenty to provide for her and Missy. Will Leah accept Trip's proposal at the risk of breaking her heart knowing that it's in name only? What are Trip's true feelings? Can the two make a home together for Missy?

This was a fantastic book! I throughly enjoy the story. The characters were real people who you came to care about. Trip was a strong male lead and Leah was a great feisty counterpart. My only regret was that the book ended. I hope to see more books by this author.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sordid Past, Family Secrets along with Adventure...

Miranda Adams is a desperate woman. She's desperate to stop her employer, George Meyers, from blackmailing her any longer and desperate to find her half- sister who's somewhere in Mexico City. Spencer Meyers is George's son and knows nothing of his father's secrets. After returning home from a business trip, Spencer walks in on Miranda trying to destroy the file George has on her. In a weak moment she raises the gun at Spencer and shoots. Hitting him in the leg. Knowing that it wasn't really Spencer's fault she helps him back to her house where her mother and her care for him. When he learns of his father's blackmailing scheme he decides that he will do whatever it takes to help Miranda find her sister. Will they ever find Soledad? Is Spencer really different from his father? Spencer and Miranda are beginning to have some feelings toward one another. Is it something that is lasting? Join Miranda and Spencer on their adventure around Mexico as they eat food from the street vendors and see the sights. Another enjoyable story from Bonnie!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

You'll want to stay home and read "Away From Here"

Stephen Marot and Catherine Compeaux have been friends since childhood. Stephen has always loved Catherine but Catherine's heart belongs to another. When Catherine's brother is tragically killed her father forces her to marry Stephen and flee France for the safety of Quebec. Catherine continually makes her unhappiness know to Stephen while he gently continues to love her. Will she ever lose interest in returning to France or to her "love" Gaston? Could it be that perhaps she may have more feelings for Stephen that she is willing to admit? Will the secret Stephen's keeping destroy him? Join Stephen and Catherine as they journey together in some good life lessons. Throw in a missionary priest and some Indians in a primitive wilderness setting and you have what it takes for a great historical.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

An Enjoyable Story

Meredith Ambrose and David Steller were childhood sweathearts until David left for his soccer career. Meredith has fond memories of David but realizes that's all she will ever have...until he ends up on a gurney in the hospital where she's a nurse. David was returning home to find Meredith but didn't expect their reunion to be at a hospital. Has David really changed his playboy ways? Meredith knows she has feelings for David but is afraid he will up and leave as before. And what about Clay. A man she met because of a run-away dog that could be a potential love interest. Where is God leading her?
This was an enjoyable quick read. The way that Bonnie writes makes you want to keep reading. I enjoyed it... I think you will too!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Run the bases of emotion in Allison Pittman's Stealing Home

Donald "Duke" Dennison plays professional baseball but has a drinking habit that could end his career. David Voyant is a journalist who wants to help him and sends him home to his dad and sister to aid him with the end of his recovery. Ellie Jane (David's sister) is not real happy to have Duke living with them but begins to enjoy the quiet flirting and feeling of attraction she feels. Ned is a childhood friend of Ellie's that would like to be much more. He has loved her from afar for years. He also loves baseball and is thrilled to have his hero "Duke" Dennison in town...til he thinks Ellie might be noticing "Duke" a liitle more closely. Whom will she choose? Then there is Morris, an African American boy with a great throwing arm. Is "Duke" his ticket out of poverty?
I enjoyed this story and liked the way it was set up in the book. Each of the 9 chapters had a section from each main character. My only complaint was that Morris's sections were done in a type-font that was a little more difficult to read. But other than that the characters were very real and it had some unexpected curves along the way.

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