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After losing her husband, Zoe Collier and her daughter, Sophia, have lived a nice quiet life in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Then the unthinkable happens; someone tries to kidnap her daughter.  Wanting to keep her safe, a friend sends her to house sit for a ranch in Wrangler’s Corner, Tennessee.  It’s an out-of-the-way place so she should be safe.  Unfortunately, it appears the kidnappers have followed her.  Aaron Starke, Zoe’s handsome neighbor and town veterinarian, wants to get to know Zoe better but finds himself in midst of danger trying to protect her and her daughter.  Whose behind the attacks and why?  Will they figure it out before it’s too late?

This is definitely one you want to read when you have some extra time because it was a hard one to put down.  Lots of action and suspense combined with a sweet romance will keep you turning pages until the very end.  There are several twists and turns and just when I thought I had things figured out, I found I was wrong.  I loved returning to Wrangler’s Corner again (except for the fact that someone was try to kill Zoe and kidnap her daughter) because folks are so friendly and caring toward one another.  Zoe was someone you couldn’t help but like and even admire.  Aaron was a great hero and one you would want in your corner.  The faith element of the story seemed very natural and didn’t feel like an after thought, which I like.  This is the third book in the series and could be read as a stand alone but reading them in order is really a plus.  (The Lawman Returns, Rodeo Rescue & Protecting Her Daughter) If you enjoy a good edge-of-your-seat type story that keeps you turning pages, then head on over to Wrangler’s Corner and see just how difficult Protecting Her Daughter turns out to be.

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Some memorable moments:

“She met his gaze, thinking how kind his eyes were.  Deep blue and filled with an ocean of compassion, caring…and strength.  To match the rest of his well-muscled physique.  He really was a handsome man.”

“How could I not trust you?  You’ve put your own life ahead of mine.”  “Just like you did with Sophia.”  “Of course.”  “So if you would do that for your child, then don’t you think God would do that for you?”  She paused.  Then nodded.  “Yes, he would.  He did.  He sent his only son to die for me.”  “Exactly.  So don’t bash yourself.  You are made in His image, and He felt you were worth dying for.  That makes you amazing.”

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THE GOODBYE BRIDE by Denise Hunter

Zac Callahan fell in love with Lucy Lovett from the moment he saw her.  She felt the same way, or so Zac thought.  Three weeks before their wedding Lucy took off without a word about why she left or where she was going.  Seven months later, Zac is starting to live with the new normal; a life without Lucy.  Then he gets a phone call from her saying she hit her head and could he come and get her.  A brain injury has left her with no memory of the last seven months, of leaving Zac before their wedding or even being engaged to another man where she was currently living.  Lucy can only remember loving Zac with ever fiber of her being.  Zac helps her out by bringing her home where he can look after her while she recovers and hopefully gets her memory back.  Zac hopes that’ll be soon because he’s vulnerable where Lucy is concerned.  Could  this be the second chance he’s so desperately prayed for?  What will happen if he does take a chance and her memory returns, will she leave him again like before?

The Goodbye Bride is one of those stories that just compels you to keep turning pages to see how everything works out.  We met Zac in ‘Falling Like Snowflakes’ and hear about Lucy leaving him so I was anxious to find out what happened. The whole amnesia thing was an interesting twist because Lucy didn’t lose all her memory only the last 7 months.  You sympathize with her knowing how difficult it must have been.  I mean everyone in town, including Zac, are giving her the cold shoulder because she left Zac, but she doesn’t remember why.  I wasn’t sure I liked Lucy at first but must admit I changed my mind as I kept reading.  She really was a  nice person.  Zac is a great guy.  A guy you could easily fall for.  I enjoyed learning a little more about Aunt Trudy and the Sheriff as well as catching up a little with Riley.  Beau and Eden are very much a part of this story, which I loved!  Trusting God with the unknown and forgiveness of things past were both encouraging messages woven throughout the story.  Denise Hunter is a master at writing romantic fiction.  She evokes such emotion with her wording that you just feel it, like it’s happening to you. To me that’s great writing and the reason why her books are always on my ‘must read’ list!  This is the second book in A Summer Harbor Series.  You could probably read it as a stand alone but I highly recommend starting with “Falling Like Snowflakes” to get the whole family background.  Now I will anxiously await Riley’s story.

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Some favorite quotes:

“I guess we just do the best we can and trust God with the rest.  Life will always have troubles.  It’s what shapes and molds us and makes us into the people He wants us to be.”

“All she knew was she wanted him to keep looking at her that way.  She wanted his mouth on hers more than she wanted her next breath.  She wanted his arms around hers, his ring on her finger.  The plain gold one she’d never gotten to wear.  The one she’d never wear.”

“He was confident, comfortable with himself, but he didn’t wear it with arrogance like so many other handsome men.”

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Samantha Martin and Remington Jenkins have a history together.  A summer romance as teenagers that was serious enough for her brothers to send Remington packing and Sam off to her aunts.  Now she’s all grown up and working as a Nurse back in Martin’s Crossing and fixing up a place of her own, she thinks life is pretty good.  That is until Remington walks back into her life.  He now runs the ranch with his grandfather and is also a part-time preacher at their local church.  Rem loved Samantha and wanted to marry her until her brothers sent her away.  Now he has a second chance with her and nothing is going to stop him, especially not her overprotective brothers.  Sam still feels a connection with Rem but is afraid to open her heart again and what will happen when she shares the secret she’s kept from him all these years?

This was a good addition to the Martin’s Crossing series.  I enjoyed seeing all the familiar folks and catching up with how they’re doing.  I liked Samantha but I didn’t really connect with her as a character.  You could understand why she felt the way she did but I kinda felt like she blamed Remington for something that wasn’t really his fault.  Remington was a sweetheart of a guy.  Someone you could easily lose your heart to.  The connection between Remington and Sam was definitely there but I just felt something was lacking.  I appreciated Rem’s strong faith and the difference it made in those around him.  It seemed like there was still tension between him and Sam’s brothers which I didn’t really understand.  Overall this was a good story of putting your past where it belongs; in the past.  It’s part of what shapes who you are but it doesn’t define your future.  That’s a great thing to remember.  You could read this as a stand alone although it does have family from previous books, but I don’t think you’d feel lost.  I’m now looking forward to Kayla’s story.

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Some favorite parts:

“I know who I am, Rem.  I’m broken.  I’m flawed.  I couldn’t stand next to you and pretend I’m anything more than a person who has made mistakes.  “We’re all broken and flawed, Sam.  That’s the beauty of it.  We don’t have to be perfect.”

“Church is hard, isn’t it?”  Grace said in sympathy.  “It’s the place where we should be loved, forgiven, nurtured.  It’s a place of mercy.  But sometimes it isn’t.  We just have to remember that people are human and they bring all of their human frailties with them to church.”

“I’d like to not live in the past,” he ventured with some caution.  “The past is always with us.  It shapes us.”  “Yes, it shapes us.  It’s doesn’t have to hold us prisoner.” 

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When Jessica O’Malley finds a badly wounded stranger on her property, she and her mom nurse him back to health.  The trouble is, he doesn’t remember who he is or anything about his life.  Is he a good guy or bad?  Jessica knows better then to trust a stranger.  She did that once and found he was a criminal and she won’t make that mistake again.  Not knowing what to call him, they settle on the name Grant.  Grant is very drawn to Jessica but until he knows for sure who he is he can’t think of getting involved.  As Jessica gets to know Grant her heart begins to soften toward him.  He’s so kind and helpful, how can he possibly be a bad guy?  They both try to keep their distance but as hard as they try their feelings become deeper and deeper.  Although Grant’s frustrated that he can’t remember his past, he’s very happy in Gatlinburg. But what will happen when the truth of who he really is comes to light?  Will he stay or will he go?

This is the third book I’ve read by Karen Kirst and I have really come to love her stories.  The O’Malley’s are such an endearing family and very close knit.  They fiercely love and protect each other and live by a high standard. You can’t help but enjoy being with them.  This author writes romantic tension really well, which I think makes a great story even better.  The pull you feel between Jessica and Grant was tangible.  I love how they interacted together.  Jessica seemed kinda stiff at times but I also understood why she would be that way.  I enjoyed the whole mystery surrounding Grant and getting to know him right along with Jessica.  I thought it was neat how all the folks had a strong faith as their foundation and yet they struggled with issues just like we do, which makes them easy to relate to.  I also appreciated the reminder that hiding God’s word in your heart never returns void.  You see that in Grant.  Although he’s lost his memory, the verses that he learned as a child surfaced easily.  This is the last book in the O’Malley’s series (mentioned in the author’s note at the end) which makes me sad.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the ones I’ve read and look forward to reading the ones I’ve missed.  That said, the epilogue seemed to bring reader up to date on everyone, which was a nice touch and once again made me want to go back and read them in order.  I would definitely recommend making ‘Reclaiming His Past’ one of your future reads!

*This complimentary copy was provided by Harlequin through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

A favorite moment:

His sure hands slowly skimmed her bare arms, creating chilled bumps in their wake, curving around her shoulders until finding her nape.  He gave a gentle tug.  Anchoring her against his chest, the railing and inconvenient barrier between them, Grant brought his mouth down on hers.  Branding her as his.  She slid her hands up the muscles of his back, reveling in his strength, the broadness of his chest cradling her, the taut security of his arms enfolding her.

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