Tuesday, August 24, 2010

HEARTS SURRENDER by Marrianne Evans

Kiara's dream is to find someone who truly loves her for who she is, but she knows that will never happen because she's just not worthy. Ken Lucerne, pastor of Woodland Church, misses having love and companionship in his life since his wife died. Kiara and Ken share a strong connection but can it ever be more than that? Will she ever see him as more than a pastor? A mission trip just might answer that question...or will it??

Hearts Surrender was a beautiful and endearing love story! One I could not put down and won't soon forget! It played out like a beautiful song that starts off soft and quiet and ends in a perfect crescendo! The chemistry between Kiara and Ken was absolute magic. I loved watching them grow through the whole story. One thing that was of total enjoyment to me was seeing Davney and Collin again. How they inter-played in the story was simply delightful! This installment of the Woodland Series is one you won't want to miss!!! You can read Hearts Surrender as a stand along but I think it would be much more enjoyable to read Hearts Crossing first. Great job Marianne! Looking forward to Hearts Communion. A thank you goes to the author for providing this complementary copy for my review.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

FEAR NO EVIL by Robin Caroll

Robin Caroll puts your heart through it's paces in this fast-paced, action-filled tale. It's one that once you begin reading you won't want to put it down. Lincoln Vailes (from Deliver Us From Evil) has become a police officer and returned to Louisiana to be close to his parents. On one of his calls he runs across Jade Laurent. A social worker trying to help a mother and child escape an abusive situation. He's drawn to her confident demeanor but no way is he getting involved. Jade trusts no man after her childhood experience. When several attempts are made on Jades life, Lincoln feels compelled to protect her. As Jade studies Lincoln she wonders if he just might be a man she could trust.

This author does a great job portraying reality. This story deals with difficult subject matters like abuse, murder, gangs and Alzheimer all wrapped up in a hard-pounding story. I really like how real Lincoln and Jade were. Jade had faith and hope despite her early childhood. Yet Lincoln, who grew up as a pastor's son has pretty much side-stepped his faith and replaced it with anger as he watches his father waste away. You'll experience lots of twists and turns as you ride your way to the bittersweet yet delightful finish! I highly recommend Fear No Evil. It can be read as a stand alone but would suggest you read Deliver Us From Evil first. A thank you goes to the author and B&H Publishing for providing this complementary copy for my review.

Monday, August 16, 2010

BEYOND SUMMER by Carie Lawson

Carly Peterson takes her two girls and runs from a bad situation. She contacts her friend Lilly McCord. Lilly suggests Carly work for her brother-in-law, Zane, caring for his son while the rest of the family is in Africa. Zane reluctantly agrees to hire Carly but wants nothing to do with her as a woman. As she cares for the children day by day with great love and care she begins to slowly change Zane's heart. Perhaps she's not just another shallow, pretty face like his ex-wife. But what will happen when secrets are revealed and reality comes to light??

Carie Lawson has done another marvelous job with this edition of the Twisted Roots series. I LOVE the McCords! The family dynamics of teasing, fighting and fierce love for one another just draw you in and make you want to be one of them. I also loved the way this author made you feel the deep emotions of it's main characters (including the children who you totally fall in love with!) The author handles the subjects of being judgmental, not telling the whole truth and forgiveness in an honest way without being preachy. I must say too, that I loved the ending!!!! mmm mmm! Trust me when I say you won't be disappointed with a Carie Lawson book!!! I would highly recommend Beyond Summer. It can be read as a stand alone but for a richer experience I would recommend you read Beyond Africa first. A thank you goes to the author for providing me with this complimentary review copy! Great Job Carie!!! Can't wait for Beyond Ever After!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Isa Lassone left Belgium with her family just before the war broke out. Two years later she makes the decision to return to Belgium to rescue the man she has loved her whole life. The problem is Edward Kirkland refuses to be rescued. He is involved with an underground newspaper that is meant to keep the spirits up of the people and report the "real" news of the war. When Edward refuses to leave, Isa decides to stay and help Edward with the paper and be near Edward's mother. But being involved with the paper could cost them their very lives. How much are they willing to do for their county and how does faith in a sovereign God help them survive some of their darkest moments?

This was a fantastic read. So filled with danger, suspense, romance and intrigue. All the characters were very well drawn. The way this author describes the details in the story made me walk the streets in Belgium and hear the gunfire in the distance. It made me have a new appreciation for all the things that people went through in war time. I thought as I read the story..."how would I have handled that?". Isa was a great example as she tried to be salt and light to Edward who had pretty much lost his faith. I also thoroughly enjoyed the characters of Jenny (Edwards mother) and Max (a German soldier). The story keeps a steady pace but about half way through it shift into high gear all the way to the finish. I know that this is the second book in the Great War Series but I really didn't feel lost at all. I would highly recommend this book. It would make a great movie! Thanks goes to Tyndale for this complimentary review copy

Monday, August 2, 2010


Emily McCarthy has lived in Aldersgate Home for Girls since she lost her parents. Now that she's of age they need room at the school, so they arrange for her to marry a wealthy rancher named Bart Axel. They wish her well and put her on a stage heading for her new home.

Luke Sullivan has been part of a group who enforces Range Laws. Just before exacting judgment to one particular man he confesses to Luke that Bart Axel cheated his father out of his land. Luke decides to give up his lifestyle and head for New Hope where he grew up. While on his way there he finds out that the stage is carrying Axel's money. He decides he's going to get back what Bart stole from his father. Then he finds out the beautiful woman on the stage is on her way to marry Bart. Feeling like he can't leave her to that fate he takes her too! Bart is a powerful rancher who wants Emily for his own and Luke Sullivan out of the way. Will he be successful???

This is the first book I've read from this author and let me tell you, you will be unable to put it down! I have to say that the cover is what first drew me to the story. Love the man in black! As soon as you open the book you are involved in the story. The harsh realities of living in territories where law was exacted by groups of vigilantes was quite interesting. The author did a wonderful job of making you feel like you were there. Sometimes I could even taste the dust and hear the hooves! The characters were complex and very well drawn. I thoroughly enjoyed our lead couple. Their banter was believable and sometimes funny. But...there were moments that melted the pages... like their first kiss...ooh la la! Very well written! I loved watching Emily's quiet and gentle faith slowly change Luke's heart. The secondary characters were also well drawn. You learn something about the Crow Indians along the way as well. This book had it all from gun fights and cattle rustling to sweet romance. I highly recommend The Vigilante's Bride and look forward to this authors next endeavor. A thank you goes to the author and publisher for this complimentary copy for my review.

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