Saturday, June 26, 2010

SMOKE SCREEN by Stephanie Newton

Jake Rollins used to be a firefighter until he sustained an injury forcing him to give it up. He is now pastor of a church and the fire department Chaplin. He loves what he does and has a great relationship with people. So why is it that someone is trying to hurt him by going after the people he cares about.

Chloe Davis is a special agent with the FBI and a good friend of Gabe Sloan (we met them both in Moving Target). Gabe requests that Chloe come down to assist in the investigation because of her expertise in Serial Crimes. Jake is afraid to let anyone close because of what's happening and Chloe just doesn't believe anyone could ever love her and that she could ever put down roots. Will they discover what God has in store for them or will it be too late?

This was another great story in the Emerald Coast 911 Series. I love how the author intertwines the characters from the previous stories but not in such a way that you would feel lost if you didn't read them. I also really like that you don't exactly know who the villain is until the end. The author does a great job in pointing out that God is still in control when life throws us a curve. Jake was such a great character. He could have been bitter but he chose to trust the Lord. Chloe had a hard time trusting but Jake was patiently showing her. I love the "cookie" example. (you have to read the story). I would definitely recommend Smoke Screen! She keeps you turning pages from beginning to end. For a much richer series I recommend you read Perfect Target (Bayley & Cruse's story) and Moving Target (Sailor & Gabe's story) first. Looking forward to reading Flashpoint (Lara & Matt's story).

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LOVE ON A DIME by Cara Lynn James

Lilly Westbrook and Jack Grail were young, in love and planning to marry. Her family was wealthy and Jack was not. When Lilly convinces Jack to go and talk to her father, Jack overhears her parents talking about how unsuitable he was for Lilly. Feeling like he would never have their approval, he leaves without saying goodbye.

6 years have passed and Lilly fills the void in her heart by writing dime romance novels under the pen name of Fanny Cole. Nobody knows except her good friend Miranda. It's not fashionable for a lady to do that sort of thing. While Lilly and her family are summering in Newport, Rhode Island she runs into Jack again. The feelings are strong but she won't make the mistake of trusting him again. A complication comes to light when she finds out that Jack has purchased the publishing company that prints the Fanny Cole novels. What will happen when Jack finds out Fanny Cole is really Lilly? Let's not forget The Colonel who threatens to expose Lilly if she doesn't pay him money. And what about her sister-in-law? Humm...

This was a fun story set in the gilded age. Where money was everything and if you didn't have it you weren't suitable. A women was a kind of ornament that a man would where on his arm to a party. She had a certain image to live up to. It was a time when one family member doing something wrong would disgrace the entire family. It was also a time when a father had the final say in who his daughter would marry. We see Lilly struggle with several of these issues. Although she wants to please, she is a very independent type girl. I liked the character of Lilly but there were times in the story when I just wanted to shake some sense into her. I enjoyed the character of Jack. He was very good for Lilly and patient in ways she needed it. The author does a great job with the underlying spiritual message of "Are you trusting the Lord or trying to do it on your own" and "Is this what the Lord wants or what you want"? Along the way we also see what real love is and what it is not. I recommend this story and look forward to reading Love on Assignment! Thank you to Thomas Nelson who provided me with this complimentary copy for review.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

SHE WALKS IN BEAUTY by Siri Mitchell

Clara and Lizzie are best friends who are to debut in the same season. Each of their families have their sights set on the same man, Mr. Franklin De Vrie. Clara and Lizzie vow not to let their debut or any man come between their friendship. Clara, however, finds herself drawn to Franklin's brother Harold. He has an easy going, fun loving personality. But he's not the heir. Will Clara play out the game to end or will she deem the cost too high?

This was a really great story! The Gilded Age was certainly an interesting period in history. When classes of people were very defined. The author brings to life the complete cast of characters and the way of life in those days with such clarity that I truly felt I was at the ball or sitting at the banquet. I thoroughly enjoyed the character of Clara. For one who had grown up in privilege she was such a genuine sole with a warm heart toward others. Never really buying into the whole glitz and glamor but knowing she needed to play along for her families sake. I enjoyed the friendship between Lizzie and Clara. I liked that they really were friends who cared about each other. I totally fell in love with Harry De Vrie. You can see what Clara saw in him. I liked that you really didn't know the outcome until very near the end. There was several places that I found myself laughing out loud. She Walks in Beauty kept me entertained from first page to last! I highly recommend this story. Great job Siri! Thank you goes to Bethany House for sending this complimentary copy for review.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


On most sites we reviewers give the books we read "star" ratings but on my blog I have always just posted the review itself. I thought I would add this feature but since my blog has a travel theme I would use tickets instead. The rating scale is still the same 5 tickets being the best down to 1 ticket being not so good.

I hope you will find these ratings helpful.

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