Monday, April 20, 2009

WOW!!! I loved this book...

What a GREAT book. I normally don't like time travel books but this one had my attention from start to finish. Jessica Neale is a modern day woman who is grieving her husbands death. In an effort to find peace she boards a plan for England. On the plane she meets a history professor named Cole who encourages her to visit the castle of Gallimore. He also leaves his name & number should she get into trouble. He then contacts her for a lunch date and "castle" tour. He stands her up and she decides to take the tour on her own. A storm blows in and when she awakes.... well, guess you have to read it to find out what happens. All I know is this was a fun story. Fun in the sense that Jessica is fiesty and the hero Colwyn is gallant. I can't really say there was anything I didn't like. She has a writing style that keeps you glued to the pages. I highly recommend this book and look forward to other books from Michelle Griep.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Book 3 in Secret Agent Series....

Book 3 in the Secret Agent series was Brice Whelan's story. We were introduced to him in book 2. After Brice rescues Selena Carter her father (also a CHAIM member) hires him to protect her from those who attacked her clinic Dia Belo. He takes her to his mansion where he knows the security will be tight.
Selena and Brice have always had a deep attraction to one another and she knows she can trust him but she's afraid to tell him what she's thinking because if she's right it could ruin a long-time friendship and also a good man's reputation. Brice knows Selena is hiding something. Is is to protect someone or is she involved with drug cartel?
Book 3 was not as action packed as the previous two books in the series. None of the characters from the previous two books had active roles which was a little disappointing but all in all is was a good read. Would love to see the series continue with the incorporation of previous characters.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second book as good as the first...

The second book in the Secret Agent Series was just as exciting as the first. Eli Trudeau shows up on Gena Malone's door step to see his son. Gena is a little apprehensive about Eli after all she's heard about him from her brother, Devon. (from book 1). But, she does think that he deserves to know his son and they begin to get to know each other. Then trouble starts and they realize that someone is after them. Who is it and why are they after them? The book is non-stop action from first page to last. Once again Lenora gave us a great balance of action, intrigue and romance. Eli is such a wonderful troubled hero and Gena is the perfect match. I highly recommend this book. It can be read as a stand alone but is a much fuller story if you read book one (Secret Agent Minister). Looking forward to reading book 3 (Code of Honor). Great Job Lenora!

Monday, April 6, 2009

WOW!!!! Great book!

From page one to the closing of the book my attention was TOTALLY held. Lydia Cantrell worked as church secretary and loved her work as well as Pastor Devon Malone. When she shows up in his hotel room for a planning meeting and finds a dead body in his bathtub she finds out that Pastor Malone had a past. One as a Christian Special Ops Agent. Pastor Devon Malone knew it should have been him slumped over his bathtub instead of his best friend. He also knew he needed to keep Lydia safe. From then on it's a WILD ride. Never knowing who's really after them. In all the safehouses there seems to be a mole. Is it Devon's best friend, Eli or someone higher up in the secret organization? I HIGHLY recommend this book. This has all the elements of a great story. Action, intrigue, romance and something is constantly happening. Looking forward to reading book 2, Hearts of the Night and book 3 Code of Honor. Great job, Lenora.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Second book in Texas Hearts Series...

Book 2 in the Texas Hearts series concerns Mitch Broader (a close friend of Beau Gentry whom we met in book 1 "Her Heart for the Asking"). Mitch has bought into the Double T and is training and selling horses with the idea of saving money and one day buying a spread of his own. That is until Lillian comes and dumps a baby on his doorstep and tells him he is a father. Sara Lightfoot grew up on the reservation close to the Double T and is a good friend to Beau's wife, Mandy. She has returned home to find her roots after a bitter marriage and divorce. The day she arrives is the day that Lillian drops the baby off to Mitch. Mitch has no idea what to do with the baby so Sara agrees to be a live-in nanny until he can find a replacement. What transpires is two people with broken hearts and failed dreams learning to trust again. Mitch and Sara seem to be just perfect for each other. Can what they have withstand what Lillian has up her sleeve?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Sweet Cowboy Read

I have always been a sucker for cowboys. I love cowboy stories and this was no exception. I think you'll enjoy it too.

The story centers around Beau Gentry and Mandy Morgan. Mandy thought she wouldn't ever return to Texas after Beau left her for the Rodeo circuit. But her Uncle Hank is sick and her mom encourages her to try to talk some sense into her Uncle. Beau picks her up at the airport and sparks fly. As they learn about each other after 8 years, and as she begins to understand who her uncle really is things begin to change for Mandy. Is it possible to find love again after being so hurt? This is a quick and sweet read. It's the first of a series. Book 2 is "His Heart for the Trusting", Book 3 is "The More I See" and Book 4 is "Gypsy Hearts".

I look forward to meeting the other characters surrounding the Double T as I read the rest in this series.

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